P.O. BOX 308


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to thank you for your support of the young people in our community over the
years. Personally I have seen the benefits of students being involved in a sport or extra
curricular activity as a positive in their lives. They have the opportunity to work as a
team, to work on personal characteristics, and to work out while having fun. They are
connected to other individuals with common goals, and they get tshirts, which they wear
to school or other venues for many years.

C.A.S.A. (Cadillac All Sports Association) is a nonprofit organization that has been in
existence in our community for over 50 years. We take pride in our complex on the
corner of Plett Rd. and 13th Street along with the programs we offer. Our volunteer board
is committed to continuing CASA Sports and to make improvements to benefit all
athletes. We pride ourselves on being able to offer sports to all young people no matter
his/her economic status. CAPS had a survey done to assess the areas of improvements at
our complex, so we can continue making changes in 2022. We will be honoring the
founding members of CASA, and the individuals who have dedicated time to CASA in
many different ways this summer.

As President of C.A.S.A., I am sending you this letter in hopes you will sponsor a
team/teams for the 2022 season. On the back of this letter, I have printed a sponsor form.
You are a vital part to keeping C.A.S.A. alive and running in Cadillac. Feel free to call
me 231-444-6077 with any questions. To ensure a spot for your sponsorship, we would
like them by March 14, 2023 for spring soccer and all others by May 1st

Thank you for your sponsorship and see you at the fields.

Ann M. Bush
C.A.S.A. President

Call/stop by the Cadillac News for an application to submit to CASA

Download the application,

print and fill it out and send to CASA at:

Team Sponsorship
PO Box 308
Cadillac MI 49601