4/6 Noon

At this time CASA baseball/softball will take place as planned. We have made a few adjustments: Deadline for applications have extended to April 30th. Practices will begin June 1st – June 14th. Games will start June 15th and run through July 23rd. This is different for 2020. We will still have CASA Advanced for baseball/softball. We are scheduled for tournaments, therefore, it is important to know how may people will be signed up for Advanced April 17th. The cost is $75 which includes the CASA baseball/softball fee. Will not have an opening day ceremony as previously planned. Fall soccer forms will be available online mid June. Our ceremony to honor past CASA Founders, Coaches, Supporters, etc will be postponed until 2021. Remember we want kids involved in CASA without cost being a barrier. We realize their might be financial hardships and we do have scholarships available. Thank you again as we navigate this difficult time at a community level. I hope all of you are safe and healthy!

Ann Bush
CASA President


CASA has been receiving questions regarding the newly formed VSA. We thought it would be beneficial to clear up the confusion:

– There is CASA Advanced again this year for boys and girls. We valued the program and hired a director specifically for CASA Advanced, in the fall,- Gabby Hoaglund. She played varsity softball at Cadillac High School. She won many awards and was recruited to play/pitch at the college level. She has done many clinics for CASA and other area schools.
-CASA Advanced has the same name. VSA isn’t a branch of CASA. The individuals starting the program were not contacted by CASA to head up this new softball league.
-CASA didn’t authorize your personal emails and contact information be used by any other sports program in our community.. CASA doesn’t give out personal information without prior permission by you. We value confidentiality.
-CASA forms for baseball/softball forms went out to all schools this week.
-All our baseball/softball fields were redone this past fall. The same company was used by Cadillac High School baseball and softball fields.
– We will be having more baseball/softball clinics in the future.
Thank you for your years of support of CASA Sports and we look forward to seeing you at the fields.